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Small Space Design Ideas – Home Interiors Bangalore

Small Space Design Ideas – Home Interiors Bangalore

by Madhuri Vuggina |March 25, 2021 | Blogs, Interior Designing

Trying to fit in your things in a small studio or an apartment is a difficult task. The space you have is less and it gets even more challenging to place your things and at the same time to maintain the allegiance. It’s a bit demanding job to make small space design look vibrant and stylish in Interior Designing. We get to you the best design space ideas that play a great trick to your place while maximizing your area.


  • Be Creative: When your room doesn’t permit you to place more objects as the space is small, try placing a chair instead of a table. This saves a lot of area while acting like a table. You can install wall sconces to give the necessary light you need in the room to save the surface space. Try not to shop for furniture to fit in the room, it will make the space more crowded. Try using colors like pale turquoise hue that can add a cheerful look to the small room.


  • Go For Pocket Doors: If you have more room then you can go for a bigger door that can be opened and closed, but when the space is less sliding doors is the easy option that can slide right into the wall when not used. One can have pocket doors installed with a small glass window to allow the light to flow in. These pocket doors create a separation from other parts of the room giving you a unique space to spend your time.


  • Day’s Bed: In common rooms Daybeds are better as they can be used for reclining, seating and lounging. Daybed frames can be made of wood or metal or a combination of both. They tend to look like a cross between a chaise lounge, a couch and a bed. It is easy to be moved into any room when you have more guests.


  • Mount Your T.V: One thing that occupies more space in a living room is the T.V space. It’s always good to mount it on the wall and the floor space can be used to store other things. This way one can fit many decors and to add more welcoming feel paint your walls with some light colors.


  • Multi Purpose: In a tiny room space it’s better to use things that can do double duty, like a table that can be used as a desk or for dining, a sofa where we can increase its size as per the need. One good idea is to use cubes that are fun to serve as a coffee table and the seats can be moved as per the use. It’s a better way to think or buy things that can be used for more than one purpose to save space and yet have a point to be used.


  • Mirrors: One trick to make your room look bigger is to mount up a convex mirror. It helps your room look lighter, airier and larger than life. This small idea does not even take up much of your space but adds for a good reason to look great.


  • Importance of Every Piece: If you are willing to buy furniture for your room that should look elegant yet fit  in comfortably in the minimal square space then don’t go for a side sofa or a bench instead choose a small desk with a side chair. This helps you to work, get ready and to do many things.


  • Small Sized Dining Table: We don’t need the large dining table for a small space, instead go for a round table that can fit well and can be used as both breakfast and dining area. Try using neutral colors for the walls to mesmerize the eye’s of the people leaving them thinking that the room is spacious. Add various textures and designs but try keeping it simple.


  • Storage Space Customization: When it comes to storage space in tiny rooms we need to think cleverly not to use more surface space. Instead go for bespoke built-ins, to make most of the space that is needed. We can also have an extra storage area under the bench as every footage is valuable.


  • Make your Own Zones: If you are sitting in an area and the sleep zone is in one room try to make a partition by separating it with a curtain. Adding a few pictures or beautiful paintings will make it look even better. One may not feel seeing this as a sleep zone anymore when the curtains are down. You can entertain the guests feeling relaxed and enjoying good times.


  • Windowsill Area: For small spaces one can use Windowsill area to store things like decors, decor lights and many small items. This helps like an extra table for placing all your belongings. Most of us never thought that window space can be used unless when the room is small and we are left with less options.


  • Wall Desk: Everyone needs a desk to work. Fitting a desk to a wall saves a lot of space. One can use the mounted wall desk when needed and later close it. This allows us to have more shelves on the top and sides to store the items.


  • Easy Seating: While entertaining your guests in the living room that has less space it’s always recommended to go for compact sitting ideas. Folding chairs are cool to use that can be placed wherever we need and close it once guests are gone. It’s easy to store as it’s foldable and compact.


  • Bathroom Space: When the room is small most of us overlook it as there is less space to place decor. It’s possible for us to enlighten this space by using light wall colors and placing some eclectic artworks. This gives us a great look leaving a huge punch on our minds.


  •  Bulky Pieces: Trying to have a big vanity for storage under a sink in a small room might look awkward. Lot’s of drawers and cabinets might look oversized. To avoid that feel it’s better to increase the surface space where the necessary items can be placed. Hang extra towel racks under the sink or on the side wall and hooks for extra storage. 


  •  Good Lighting: Small spaces tend to make the room look dark. To get in some light we need to use better lighting and a small window to let in some natural light and air. Adding bright color to the wall and a tiny window can make such a difference to a room.


  • Do It Yourself: No need to display everything you got and try to keep the room simple with much required items. A room should look elegant as well as allow you to put your heart in it by simple decors. One can choose good wall textures to bring in more space to the room.


We at Pencil Interiors Bangalore have the well experienced team to guide you in the right way to make the most out of the space in every corner with our unique Home interior designs. We start off with a blueprint with your ideas and add in our expert knowledge to produce the best interior designs to make you feel at home. Pencil Interior designers in Bangalore are getting evolved with latest trends and designs to bring in a new look to your homes. We have ideas that will suit any type of homes which are also budget friendly.

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