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Home Interior Designing in Mahadevpura & Cost
Pocket friendly Interior Designing in Mahadevpura

Interior design is the art and science of improving the space inside a building for the benefit of its occupants in terms of both health and aesthetics. In this age, when everyone seems to be perpetually stressed for time, any solution that may streamline daily tasks is welcome beyond measure. Designing a residence now involves more than just putting furniture. Furniture items like hydraulic doors, wall colours, trolleys, storage cabinets, and so on are all designed to make the homeowner’s life easier. The art of interior design is essential for residents of Mahadevapura (pin code 560048) who are looking to make their homes more liveable. There is a large number of interior decorators in the Mahadevapura market, and some of them charge exorbitant fees while others charge lower fees. Before making any decisions, it is crucial to have an understanding of the standard price of interior design in Mahadevapura, since this will determine the scale of the construction.

Pencilinteriorsis one of the most accomplished female interior designers in Bangalore and is widely recognised as one of the most promising interior designers in Bangalore. It has received numerous awards and is highly regarded within the business. Over the past decade, Pencilinteriors has assisted innumerable individuals in making their homes more like the ones they had always imagined.It isunique talent for designing captivating interiors not only gives your home an impression of refined sophistication and practical use, but it also hopes to inspire and enliven you every day.


Cost of an interior designer

The average price for an interior designer in Mahadevapurais approx. ₹ 150 per sq. ft. The interior designer lends a hand in the arrangement of the modular kitchen, the main hall, the bedroom interior, living room interior, and other spaces. In most cases, a residential interior designer will tack on an additional 5% –6% to the bill to place the furniture and showpieces. Contracting an interior designer to design a property in Mahadevapura will cost approximately 1.5 lakh rupees.

Price of 1 BHK interior design in Mahadevapura

Although a small apartment with just a bedroom, a hall, and a modular kitchen may not seem like it has many areas to work with, a talented interior designer can do wonders with it. In Mahadevapura, the price of interior design might range from ₹ 2 lakhs to ₹ 3 lakhs for a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment with modest furnishings and fittings. If you want high-quality fittings inside, expect to pay up to ₹ 4 lakhs.

Price of 2 BHK interior design in Mahadevapura

Interior design services for a 2 BHK flat in Mahadevapura can be had for somewhere between ₹ 4 lakhs and ₹ 6 lakhs. The bigger area and additional bedrooms are the primary factors in the price hike of over a 1 BHK. The total budget for 2 BHK interior designs in Mahadevapura will vary based on factors like the number and type of furnishings the customer requires.

Price of 3 BHK interior design in Mahadevapura

The majority of Mahadevapuraresidents who have large families choose a fully furnished 3 BHK apartment while looking for a large home in which to raise their children. The average cost of a 3 BHK flat interior design in Mahadevapurais between ₹ 6 lakhs (for a standard interior) and ₹ 10 lakhs (for a premium range of interiors). The total amount spent on interior design for a 3 BHK apartment in Mahadevapurais proportional to the square feet of the structure and the quality of the materials applied.

Price of 4 BHK interior design in Mahadevapura

Many households that have a sizable number of children consider buying a 4 BHK apartment because it offers sufficient space for all the family members to spread out and relax. Therefore, before signing any cheques, a person who is interested in furnishing a residenceof 4 BHK located in Mahadevapurashould conduct research on the interior cost per square feet. Prices typically start somewhere around ₹ 8 lakhs and can go up to and even over ₹ 12 lakhs for a genuinely luxurious in-house stay. The expenditures of a modular kitchen, living room interiors, bedroom interiorsdesign in a large residence in Mahadevapura can, depending on the scope of the structure, account for as much as 25% of the total purchase price.


Interior design choices have a significant impact on the personality of a residence. Pencilinteriors has some of the most seasoned interior designers in the industry; if you require expert guidance, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with us.

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