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The knowledge of aesthetics, diverse variety of style and techniques makes you the best designer. Pencilinteriors, Bangalore has all of this along with customer satisfaction. Having variety of unique styles and ideas will always enhance the portfolio and will attract the customers.

Pencilinteriors, Bangalore must be your go-to–place. They guide you about the color scheme, space utilization and budget friendly interiors.

They observe and study the space and requirements, design development, electrical points, flooring designs and material, color scheme, installations, woodwork and furniture,finishing and the accessories required.

You need to be aware of the kind of material, finishes and décor you want for your home. The square feet of your home also play an important role in determining the cost. But many more factors are also responsible like type of furniture, colors used, materials, accessories, finishing etc.

Yes, definitely you can do that. It leads to minimum wastage also providing the place a whole new stylish look. The professional Interior designers like pencilinteriors have will incorporate the color scheme which will match your old furniture and they are highly efficient in such ways. You will won’t be able to distinguish the interiors in categories.

It general depends on the customer requirements and the area which has to be designer. But pencilinteriors, Bangalore are very much efficient to provide you with the finished work in time effectively.

Yes, warranty of the material used is provided. The material used is of high quality and it is not compromised.

Yes of course, Pencilinteriors, Bangalore helps you do it smoothly with a style and with the times. They help you choose themes, match materials, coordinate the colors with the furniture which is being used, incorporate stylish accessories, installations, electricals and fittings are all taken care of.

Kitchens are the heart of any home, so having modular kitchen designs will help to appreciate this space more. So some of the modular designs which will completely give a fresh look to your kitchens are:

  • Straight lined modular kitchen
  • L-shaped edgy modular kitchen
  • Theme based kitchen, for example: Bumble bee, classic blue, French toned,
  • neutral tones, mocha themed etc
  • U-shaped classic modular kitchen
  • G-shaped bold kitchen

To get the best designs and up to date artistic ones , Pencilinteriors, Bangalore is the one which provides you with the best customized interiors. The experienced and qualified designers make exclusive and exquisite designs for commercial spaces, homes and offices. The designs deal with ambitions with lifestyle and the whole creative and sustainable process. The designs provided are astute, elegant and dynamic.

During the course, Pencilinteriors, Bangalore have earned themselves an immeasurable reputation and developed into the top interior designing companies in Bangalore. Sustainability and wellness are in their design DNA. They deal with all the problems you bring to them, problem areas, wish lists and what not.Very much skilled in commercial interior designing especially with office furniture, cabins, partitions, false ceiling, flooring, CCTV, light controls and electric work.

You can look at the past work of many interior designers and decorators before selecting any of the finest budget interior designers in Bangalore nearby. Take a look at their portfolio and introspect the arenas and designs which you find the most that you find alluring and fascinating. Pencilinteriors has a distinctive range of designs in the portfolio. All these designs are customizable in accordance with the needs of the client. While renovating a house and transferring an apartment into a beautiful cozy home, our experts at Pencil Interiors make sure the process of installing and final furnishing is hassle free and cost effective at the client’s end.

Interior designing is a relatively newly emerging interest in modernized societies. Most of the families live in metropolitan cities like our technological hub- Bangalore. Anusha Shetty Designs, Magnon Interiors, Decorpot and Livspace are few of the good interior designers in Bangalore, South. At Pencilinteriors, we offer a holistic approach to the naked flat and transform it into an elegant space. Our idea of interior designing is a comprehensive plan to rebuild your dream house into a glamorous living space.

The total interior cost is majorly a rough idea of expenses served in quality of materials, type of vendor and range of work. The interior cost which includes design work and absolute furnishing per room extends to Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000 per sq foot in an unfurnished flat. However at Pencilinteriors, we strongly believe in catering to our customers in a satisfactory reference while not costing them a fortune. The work plan will include all of our goals, including time frame, money and objectives, as well as what we have available. We’ll also take the time to meticulously assess your available space. Going with this, the interior cost of a 3bhk apartment will lead to Rs 2- 4 lakhs.

Pencilinteriors is a well-known name in the industry of modular kitchens, wardrobes, and furniture. They have effectively changed many regular kitchens into sophisticated modular kitchens during the last several years. They are experts in modular kitchen and accessory design, development, and installation. Pencil Interiors offers a diverse range of goods to meet your design needs and budget.

The goods, which are made of high-quality raw materials, are known for their long life and ability to be customized. They have been in the sector for a long time and are recognised as one of the most important kitchen suppliers.

For your home and kitchen, the perfect balance of elegance and ergonomics. To decorate your kitchen and home, they employ top-of-the-line hardware from throughout the world.

Villa design necessitates the capacity to conceptualize and integrate the exterior and inside of a villa into a single theme. Furthermore, a villa has significantly more open areas than an apartment, which requires careful investigation and design to avoid seeming empty or cluttered. Add to that the elegance of a villa’s autonomous area with stairs and double ceilings. The interiors of a villa, if not correctly organized, might make it feel rather average.

Pencilinteriors has spent years collaborating with customers to help them develop environments that they value and spaces that provide the life experiences they desire.

With so many home design concept ideas at their fingertips, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged while deciding which to pursue. Experienced home interior designers can pinpoint the best match styles for your house and achieve your desired outcome, which will best suit your lifestyle.

The interior décor of your living area reflects your own style and affects the overall appearance and feel of the room. Pencil Interiors can easily bring your home design concept to reality in no time while keeping your budget in mind, whether you want to renovate your present home space or design your new house before moving in.

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