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The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live.
It is about the realities of what makes for an attractive, civilized, meaningful environment.

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    Welcome to Pencil Interiors - Top Most Interior Designers in Bangalore

    Pencil Interiors is a synthesis of aesthetics and ergonomics, a complete  top interior solution for residence, retail and commercial spaces. Over a decade of our existence, our journey is marked by phenomenal achievements in the interior designing services offering home decor, living room décor, living room furniture, modular kitchens, modular wardrobes, kids room interiors and home renovation services for all spaces – Designed for the ambitious with lifestyle in mind, we take inspirational style and key elements from distinctive identity, which evokes the story of the creative process. During this course, we have earned ourselves an immeasurable reputation and developed into one of the best interior designing companies in Bangalore. Live in the past, present or future with our theme-based designs. The question of what you want to own, is actually the question of how you want to live your life.

    Our Mission – Stunning living environments to fit each individual’s need.

    Every home is a unique expression of its homeowners. We ensure your house design is in keeping with your distinct tastes. Everything, from creating furniture to choosing furnishings and lighting, is meant to reflect your sense of design. Pencil Interiors designing services has made its name within the luxury interior design industry for creating interiors that are intelligent, elegant, dynamic, infused with passion and creativity.

    One Stop Best Home Interior Designs Solutions Bangalore

    Customized interiors – Our top interior designers are talented, friendly, approachable and absolutely committed to achieving the best design solution possible for any given project to your expectation and contentment. Bangalore is a dynamic city with people from different culture and country – may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness, but we travel in their minds to customize their space for nostalgic interiors.

    Top Interior Designers In Bangalore

    Top Commercial Interior Designers – From Silicon Valley to India – our city of high-tech business centers, IT hubs, people traveling from all over the world for business – we provide interior designing services for commercial spaces for the efficiency of the organization including furnishing offices including cabins, walls and floors.

    Home renovation services – modernization with modular kitchens and modular wardrobes, mesmerizing self-made furnitures we bring back life to your home through artistic and theme-based home decors.

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    Why Choose Us

    Why to choose Pencil interiors for your home interiors

    One Stop Solution

    We are not only specialized in designing but we are a store of furnitures and all materials of top class brands to furnish and finish your home in style.

    Time Matters

    “You can’t make time; so those who waste the least, achieve the most”. We deliver what we deliver on time and every time. Value of our clients’ time has always been our priority.

    Maintenance & Warranty

    Our branded products and warranty goes hand-in-hand. Value of our client’s money is never wasted. Apart from designing we do maintenance for our clients periodically.

    Homes for Every Budget

    There are plenty of ways to make your home a vibrant and beautiful one with a limited budget whether it’s a new house or an old one.

    Unique Design Options

    Our team is skilled to give the utmost trends and a variety of models for your imagination using high-end softwares and unique tools for your vision.

    Material Transparency

    No compromise in the quality of materials at any cost. Our business is only with top class, high quality brands and we give our clients the choice of their brand and stick to it.

    Our Projects

    A glance through a few of our residential and commercial projects

    Interior designing bangalore

    Pencilinteriors is the place to go if you're looking for the finest interior designers in Bangalore. This business provides the finest home and office interiors in the South. A growing percentage of customers are opting for it. Interior design and execution are infused with creativity, freshness, and liveliness. We have finished many projects in various areas in South India, where we have a strong presence as the top interior designers in Bangalore. To our clients' satisfaction, we design, develop, and install luxury home interiors. As a result, an apartment's empty area can be transformed into an astonishingly modern, fresh, and trendy residence.

    Professional Interior Designers in Bangalore

    If you’re looking for the greatest expert interior designers in Bangalore, Pencilinteriors is the place to go. An increasing number of consumers are choosing this organisation, which has a history of providing the greatest home interiors. Interior design and implementation by Pencilinteriors mixes originality, freshness, and liveliness. With a strong reputation as the best interior designers in Bangalore, we have completed numerous projects in various parts of the city. We create, construct, and install high-end home interiors to the satisfaction of their customers. As a result, an apartment’s empty area can be transformed into an astonishingly modern, fresh, and trendy residence.

    • Designs that are unique and diverse: Our wide network of talented interior designers in Bangalore has enabled us to select the right designer for each project. You can choose any interior design theme, and we’ll assign you to a designer that specialises in that area.
    • Our designers enjoy the challenge of changing a room into something beautiful, sophisticated, and uniquely “you.” To create thoughtful and meaningful settings, all of our designs are imbued with passion and imagination.
    • Taking an Intuitive Approach: We’re not like most traditional interior design firms. We have a large team of home interior designers in Bangalore who are intuitive in understanding your ideas and working alongside you. They were handpicked for their talents and competence.


    Leading Interior Designers in Bangalore

    We have practical experience with both residential and commercial interior design. We are the leading commercial interior designers in Bangalore who have shown their abilities by working with a variety of notable IT businesses and other industries. We create unique interiors for efficient operations, which has helped businesses enhance productivity. Aesthetic offices and cabins, high-tech meeting and conference rooms, branded retail spaces, and theme restaurants are just a few of our well-known projects.

    Another area on which we have focused since the beginning is home renovation services. Living room decor, modular kitchens, and modular wardrobes are the important features that change the overall mode of a house with simplicity.

    I have been working in pencil interiors from last 5 years as a supervisor. pencil interiors process and quality is excellent.i have not faced not even once any issues from the company. Good place to work.

    Shekhar Shekhi - Bangalore

    I Loved the dedication of the people, the kind of response i got wasvery good and I'm definitely going to ask my friends to get their interiors done by Pencil Interiors.

    Roopa. G - Bangalore

    Thank you so much for planning and arranging installation of our new kitchen. We are really delighted with it and thank you for all your time and patience.

    Hariprashant - Bangalore

    Great Team and Support. Have got my home interiors done by Pencil Interiors. Will look forward to get more work done.

    Diwakaran - Bangalore
    Types of Interior Designs

    If you want something unique, we can design and implement it specifically for you. Our purpose is to meet your taste, culture, and wishes.

    Residential Interiors:

    • Living Rooms
      We spend a lot of time in our living rooms, so as interior designers, we strive to create a beautiful space that is also functional and pleasant. This trifecta is a design challenge we’ve taken on to help us come up with ideas for our own décor projects. Pencilinteriors, Bangalore is dedicated to transforming modern and formal spaces into welcoming and comfortable spaces.
    • Entertainment Units
      A TV unit, often known as an entertainment unit, is an important feature of any living room or entertainment room. An entertainment unit is one spot where an interior designer may present their clients with personalised design ideas. The objective is to draw all of your furnishings’ attention to the unit in order to create a flowing mood of coexistence.
    • Dining Areas
      In terms of interior design, the dining room is frequently viewed as a more understated, and sometimes even appreciated, location in any home. An informal approach to gathering for meals, whether it’s a round table dinner, breakfast in a comfy banquette, or lunch at the kitchen island, has become popular among modern families. We create custom dining room tables to complement your special occasions and holiday celebrations.
    • Bedrooms
      There is a bedroom for everyone, from minimalist designed bedrooms to warm modern rustic décor schemes, from pure white Scandinavian style to a unity of colourful possibilities. Pencilinteriors offer time-honored workmanship. Our interior designers collaborate with Bangalore’s best woodworkers to deliver the greatest rendition of your expectations.
    • Modular Kitchens
      The kitchen, being the “heart” of the house, must be elegant and timeless. During customising, every characteristic is taken into account, including space, comfort, utility, and sophistication. There are a variety of accessories available to enhance your culinary experience while keeping a high degree of hygiene and aesthetics. Your modular kitchen is complete with Pencil Interiors’ proven and tested collection of quality goods.

    Commercial Interiors:

    • Office Interiors
      Every person who works in a workplace is a part of it. The office interiors should be designed in such a way that the workspace adapts to business and human needs while also inspiring employees. Pencil Interiors makes your space work for you by complementing spaces, creating places, and solving the workspace puzzle. We, being the leading interior designers in Bangalore, have decades of expertise that has helped us better understand our clients’ needs.
    • Hotel Interiors
      The hospitality sector is increasing, and hotels must find a balance between high-end elegance and cutting-edge functionality to develop facilities that serve both business owners and customers. Hotel interior design is critical for creating a positive first and lasting impression, as it affects client satisfaction and helps establish a trustworthy reputation that attracts more business.
    • Workspace Interiors
      Commercial office interior design has gone a long way in recent years. Having a visually appealing workplace can have a significant impact on a variety of things, ranging from focus to teamwork. The sector is experiencing a rush of innovative, intelligent, and sustainable developments. Our commercial interior designers have extensive experience designing commercial spaces such as offices, retail stores, restaurants, lobbies, and other public areas. We work with the completed space to add furniture and decor to meet the initial design goals. Commercial spaces are modifying their interior design layout to offer more open workstations.

    Pencil Interiors is known in the premium interior design business for developing interiors that are intelligent, elegant, dynamic, and infused with passion and imagination. Pencilinteriors’s experienced employees will assist you in the endeavor and we serve to deliver the best services.

    Contact Us:

    Pencilinteriors @+91 87222 24325
    – Mr. Sunjith

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