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Whether it is a small or large home remodeling or home renovation, Pencil Interiors can translate your interior into a completely new design by maintaining the structural elements – a fresh, trendy look and improve the functionality and appearance of your home. Our interior designers give a makeover to your home by using latest materials and fittings. We are the best interior designers in Bangalore offering complete home renovation services.

Kitchen renovation - We have years of experience in remodeling kitchens. We transform your ancient kitchens to modular kitchens within no time using modern materials and high-quality products. Our interior designers facelift a kitchen that will stay trendy and fresh for years.

Flooring renovation - Your flooring is outdated or you need new flooring material to decorate your room, we are the right choice. You don’t have to worry about the mess associated with pulling out the old flooring, we use cutting-edge technologies to take out the old flooring and convert it into the modern flooring with the materials of your choice and budget. We have well-trained designers to install different kinds of flooring materials. We transform the look and feel of your home.

Furnishing – We are the experts in self-made furnitures, through artistic and high quality furnitures of high brand to give your home a new and modern look, from doors, windows, wardrobes, living room furnitures - we have a wide range of products- artwork on your walls to decorate your room can be used to personalize your home to your tastes and preferences.

Electrical - Most people are unhappy with their not well-planned wiring system of their house. We integrate wiring for wired internet connectivity across your rooms. We figure out the best light system for your home based on the purpose and size of the room. False ceiling with LED lighting is one of our skills.

Painting and Plumbing - Painting your rooms in the right colors with right shades can give an entirely new look to your home. An interior renovation is never perfect without improving the existing plumbing system. We have different plumbing accessories for your home to make your life easier.

Planning Project


Planning Project

The planning to renovate begins soon after the client comes to the expert with the requirements along with site images and floor plans. After which there is a thorough visit of the site to sketch out a plan of action. Date of beginning the home renovation process and also deadline for completing the process is set.

Interior Designing


Interior Designing

Keeping all the complications in mind and also the aim to meet the timeline a day-by-day and week-by-week targets are been set. This plan includes client meets, site visits, discussion and planning, designing and production before the final execution takes place. The interior designing processes plays the most integral part so a dedicated time slot is allocated for the same to avoid any kind of mishaps.




Coordinate with all the different people working in house as a team, like mason, electrician, plumber, carpenter and painter is the last stage. Soon after the work and the designs are finalised and are working in coordination with the final blue prints, it is then time to move to the things clients would need to exclusively in order to go handy with the designs. The exclusive items are then produced at the factory and are further transported to the site for the final installation. The installation are then done by the professional and the site is then handed over to the client within the decided timeline.

Why Choose Us

Why to choose Pencil interiors for your home renovation

One Stop Solution

We are not only specialized in designing but we are a store of furniture and all materials of top class brands to furnish and finish your home in style.

Time Matters

“You can’t make time; so those who waste the least, achieve the most”. We deliver what we deliver on time and every time. Value of our clients’ time has always been our priority.

Maintenance & Warranty

Our branded products and warranty goes hand-in-hand. Value of our client’s money is never wasted. Apart from designing we do maintenance for our clients periodically.

Homes for Every Budget

There are plenty of ways to make your home a vibrant and beautiful one with a limited budget whether it’s a new house or an old one.

Unique Design Options

Our team is skilled to give the utmost trends and a variety of models for your imagination using high-end softwares and unique tools for your vision.

Material Transparency

No compromise in the quality of materials at any cost. Our business is only with top class, high quality brands and we give our clients the choice of their brand and stick to it.