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Office Interior Designers Bangalore

The number of office spaces is steadily reducing as more and more organizations implement a strategy of remote working. Smaller offices that are both fully equipped and adaptable are needed to fulfill the demands of the hour. As opposed to the traditional workplace, which was drab and consisted of a desk and chair, modern workplaces are more visually appealing and may make working more enjoyable.

With Pencilinteriors, your worry of finding quality interiors for your home or professionally set office will vanish, you don’t have to worry about a thing since we’ve been through it all. With us, you are at the right place for finding the best office interior in bangalore. Our Bangalore interior decorators and interior designers create hall spaces that are a source of inspiration for the entire saga of office interiors. Our modern office interiors are quality-rich and design ideas are prime, exclusive and full of finesse. Apart from our veracious decoration ideas, we’re also going to share some of our favorite office design ideas from our modernistic design playbook.

Ideas for New Office Renovation

You can do the unimaginable and turn the spare big closet into a tiny cute home office where nobody can spot you easily and you can complete the work peacefully. The biggest advantage of this is that it will not get in touch with dust easily so you have to clean less.

In this studio apartment, a floating wall unit that covers the whole left side of the space serves as a workstation with drawer storage. We will use your color of choice from our palette and wall paint the same shade of white or any other color that you want in order to integrate the two pieces of furniture together seamlessly. A variety of framed images also helps to prevent a tiny workstation from becoming conspicuous by bringing the viewer's attention upward to the ceiling. As one of the greatest instances of contemporary design in interior forte provided by the best interior designers in Bangalore, this space is one of their most impressive creations.

When designing the nook, our top office interior designers go for a lanky, mid-century-inspired desk with lots of free space below it for extra storage space. The magazine racks on the wall provide you extra storage space for your belongings. Lastly, a shelf for miscellaneous items completes the picture.

Small office Interior ideas

For businesses, reducing the amount of space they have available makes sense given that most employees work from home. It's possible to get everyone together in one place by creating a small office in an open space. Removing and replacing the concrete walls with glass might save money on energy expenditures. A modest workstation with a movable cabinet and a few chairs is all that is needed! Add some old-fashioned lighting to the scene as the sun goes down!

This office design idea may be used by both small businesses and home workplaces. In order to maximize natural light, the seats should be arranged in a corner with the window behind them. In this case, the table functions as an extension of the main cabinet, which is a creative way to maximize floor space. To keep everything in one place and organized, choose a great number of drawers and shelves.

If you have a limited amount of space, this rectangular office layout is a great option! Selecting a corner of the floor is an option if you want to create this charming tiny office atmosphere. Place the furniture in the corner to make the most of the available space. Choose an island table with rotating chairs that is both elegant and practical. Hang a beautiful piece of art to act as a workplace inspiration and hide all of the ugly cords.

Tips for Modern Office Interior Design

Even if you’re working from home or in a commercial establishment, these contemporary and innovative office layouts and decor ideas can make your life a lot easier:

  • Sleek and cutting-edge pieces of furniture should be replaced with furniture with finer cuts and modern designs.
  • To free up space in the middle of the room, rearrange the furniture and push it towards the wall.
  • For maximum visibility, arrange your sitting seats right next to the doors.
  • Consider putting your office near a window or balcony so that you may take use of as much natural light and air as possible.
  • When it comes to the office, instead of assigning each employee a desk, flexible spaces should be provided. The underutilization of workstations may be reduced in this way.
  • Use vibrant colors, artwork, and accent furniture to give your company’s offices a unique look.


Pencilinteriors constantly advocates for an acceptable outfit that serves a purpose for you in the long run. Based on the size and depth of your office, we provide optimum options. We provide the best interior for commercial space in Bangalore and our modern office interior ideas are high quality, attractive and sophisticated. Your need and desire of owning an exclusively designed interior for your office will be catered from scratch.

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