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Bangalow Interiors Bangalore & Palakkad
Bungalow Interior Design

“Be fun with your design in creative spaces, using design features to stimulate the senses and inspire you.”
– Oliver Heath

Bungalow Interiors

Designing the interior of a bungalow involves a creative yet strategic approach. Bungalows in India usually comprise of spacious rooms, large compounds or verandas where one could spend some time just sitting with nature in a gorgeously planned and designed garden. The materials used to design the interior of a bungalow can be glass, teak wood, marbles and so on.

Every part of a bungalow has to be cleverly designed from the floors, windows, roofs to the courtyard and the garden. An excellent interior designer will oversee all aspects before starting a project to develop a stunningly designed interior for your bungalow.

Bungalow Interior Design Ideas

Bungalow Design Bangalore

In designing a bungalow, three well-known approaches can be undertaken by the owners along with the interior designers. Firstly, a modern classic approach is most suitable for those who plan to modernize and give a strong yet subtle character to their bungalow layouts. Secondly, the residence can also be designed according to the concept of urban utopia, a dream like state.

Finally, the home owners can always opt for ways to enhance and beautify their bungalows by focusing on developing vast spaces of greenery with trees, plants, open spaces, stone paths and so on to surround their bungalow with a rich culmination of natural greenery. Given below is a brief description of each type of unique bungalow interior design ideas that can truly transform your one-story building into a heavenly residence.

2. Urban Utopia

2. Urban Utopia

It involves focusing on landscape designs with a preference given to incorporating quality custom woodwork to design decks, patios, gates, fences and so on. The urban utopia style of interior design can be opted by those who wish to give their bungalows an ultra-chic personality while focusing on making the bungalow design more appealing and eye-catching.</p> <p>An architect goes the extra mile by pushing the limits of his art and craft skills to give your bungalow a fashionable yet daring and bold appearance. In this style, an extraordinary furnishing and décor with ample amounts of natural light pouring into the living space complements the overall theme of a comfortable and chilled out ultra-chic living space.

3. Glorious Greenery

3. Glorious Greenery

It is believed that being close to nature has a lot of benefits as compared to being caged in a huge bungalow with a TV and a couch. This style of interior decoration focuses on building a coherent vast and open green garden space which will help you reduce psychological stress, anxiety and promote mental well-being while boosting your self-esteem.<br /> Placing greenery in priority helps builds a better cognition by strengthening your awareness and mental peace. Apart from that, a glorious greenery approach helps bring fresh air and oxygen into your bungalow which is an excellent way to feel energized and alive. While choosing a style for decorating your bungalow, with the interior even the exterior plays a vital role in the designing stage.

Bungalow Interior Design Plan
Bungalow Interior Design

In designing a plan for a bungalow, there are a few crucial points which must be kept in mind to make the most suitable interior design plan. Bungalows do not have to be designed the old-fashioned way, they can be well planned by primarily making a thoughtful and solid floorplan.

Firstly, a good plan would make optimal use of vertical space by choosing vaulted ceilings to improve the height aspect. Secondly, to ensure adequate flow of light, an open-plan structure is preferred. In an open-plan layout, the kitchen, sitting area and the dining room are all placed in one open space. It creates a sense of sociability and provides a contemporary feel to the bungalow.

Thirdly, any kind of furniture used must serve two major purposes of dividing the overall space as well as giving the necessary visual definition to the interior plan. Bi-folding doors can be used to create partitions while a central furniture item adds definition. Finally, on the exterior side, corridors usage can be minimized to allow flow of natural light and much focus must be placed on considering and developing external space outside your bungalow space as an extension to the primary plan.

Latest Bungalow Design
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In our technological era, we have come a long way even in the segment of interior designing of bungalows. A new concept known as 3D printing permits homeowners to get a glimpse of their bungalow even before it is made in brick and mortar.

The latest bungalow designs take into consideration several economical and sustainable aspects of self-sufficiency, energy conservation, water restoration and so on. Furthermore, a neutral palette combined with a sleek design is one of the latest trends in interior designs.

Simple Bungalow House Design with Terrace
Bungalow Interior Design_3

There are four main components to a simple but elegant house: a terrace, living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a parking lot. In well-designed bungalows, glass doors can provide an entry into the living room through the elevated terrace with steel railings. There may be an extended hip roof on the terrace, which can be adorned with grey marble tiles and brown brick pillars.

Moreover, in a terrace, all elevations of the exterior walls must feature a mineral plaster finish in cream shades for a cool atmosphere. To sum it up, there is indeed a lot of comfort to be found in this simple bungalow house surrounded by a charming landscape.

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