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Ideas For Hotel Room Interior Design Bangalore

The fact that hotels are designed to provide a place to stay for folks on the road for a night or two doesn’t mean they can’t be welcoming and comfortable. The importance of hotel interior design in making any guest feel welcome cannot be overstated.The importance of quality lodging is best understood by hotel owners, who ensure that it is present from the moment customers enter the property.

The goal is to make a hotel room into a temporary home, from establishing a welcoming hotel lobby design to assuring a comfortable hotel room layout. Even if you’re just staying for a few days, it’s the first clue that you’ve arrived at a welcome location that understands your needs. Pencilinteriors is the right place where you’ll get the best design ideas.

Interior design ideas

  • A Versatile Lobby

The lobby is a customer’s first contact with your hotel, and you have to make it as stunning and eye-catching as you can. Go massive, and impress guests with a powerful atrium that can be used at any time for any purpose. A lobby is a challenging space to decorate because it is supposed to accommodate guests of all types, and it has to offer both private and public areas for seating, relaxing, or even working.

You can use all of your creative ideas, such as waterfalls, plants, original bars, or whatever you think could inspire your guests to spend more time in the lobby. Quality, comfort, and sophistication are all expected in a modern hotel lobby.

  • Increasing the number of art-lights

Lighting has a big impact on a lot of things. As a result, we frequently encounter lobbies with opulent and spectacular chandeliers that function as both decorative and atmospheric illumination. When it comes to hotel entryway design, lighting is typically a key factor.

Multiple corner pendants of varied heights, sculptural side tables, and rock crystal ceiling chandeliers are among the most striking choices. These are frequently linked with the interior of a 5-star hotel.

  • Colors and textures should be used instead of patterns.

When designing your hotel lobby plan, do it at least in part. Patterns aren’t exactly the most modern option, and it’s far preferable to steer clear of them in favour of fun textures.

Bold colour pops are a prominent hotel design trend. Color has the ability to enliven a room and make the lobby appear significantly more interesting than typical English-style patterns.

  • Rooms with a balanced and harmonious appearance

A great hotel is defined by everything it has to offer, not just the lobby or the rooms. Hotel décor ideas strive for a visually harmonious link between rooms, which can be achieved by using comparable colours, hues, and materials.

  • The significance of properly located power outlets

If there is one thing that all hotel guests dislike, it is inappropriate power outlet placement. Have you ever had to rearrange furniture in order to recharge your phone?In reality, this is one of those seemingly insignificant details that people remember, and it could be a reason for them to choose your competition. As a result, hotel room layouts and blueprints must be functional and well-considered.Before you start furnishing the rooms, keep in mind that travellers bring a lot of technology with them, so you’ll need to make sure there are adequate power outlets in convenient areas.

  • The floors

Carpets are no longer fashionable, yet they are still used in many hotels. What makes you assume, as a hotel owner, that guests would want a carpet in their room if they don’t have one at home? Modern hotel design concepts take current trends into account in order to provide guests with up-to-date hotel décor.

Modern timber floors with sustainable, insulating chips suited for all conditions should be used instead of outmoded design aspects such as carpets. It’s a win-win situation because cleaning such floors is simple, quiet, and inexpensive, as opposed to dealing with filth from under carpets, which takes a long time to clean. You may build stunning, modern hotel rooms by removing obsolete notions.

  • Vanity mirrors and illuminated wall mirrors are must-haves.

Even if you believe you’ve achieved the ideal level of room illumination, keep in mind that in a modern hotel room, guests will require specific lighting in various locations.After all, lights aren’t only aesthetic elements that help to create a warm ambiance; they’re also tools that help you see things clearly.

After you’ve purchased the required vanity, hang a huge mirror with adequate lighting above it. Hotel visitors are constantly on the go, and they require a space where they can sit and get dressed without straining to see themselves in a dimly lit mirror.

Hotel rooms should, above all, provide comfort and a sense of home away from home. Coziness is a crucial issue to consider, regardless of how beautiful, technology-friendly, or bizarrely themed the room is. For more assistance and the best guidance with assurance, feel free to get in touch with us at Pencilinteriors.

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