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Pencilinteriors is the place to go if you’re looking for the greatest expert interior designers in Bangalore. A increasing number of consumers are choosing this organisation, which has a history of providing the greatest home interiors. Interior design and implementation by Pencilinteriors mixes originality, freshness, and liveliness. With a strong reputation as the best interior designers in Bangalore, they have completed numerous projects in various parts of the city. They create, construct, and install high-end home interiors to the satisfaction of their customers. As a result, an apartment’s empty area can be transformed into an astonishingly modern, fresh, and trendy residence.

Living Room Interiors
  • The flexibility of home decor to evolve, adapt, and embrace elements that increase aesthetics and function is what makes it so appealing. If you had to pick one room in your house to devote your heart and soul to, the living room would be at the top of the list. There’s nothing quite like designing a luxurious living room for spending time with family and entertaining guests.
  • If you’re a design fanatic, it’s the perfect place to test out your favourite trends, whether it’s choosing maximalist art or going all out with metallic wall paint.
  • Different emotions are created in your room by cutouts, incisions, and lighting design. Textured walls, wall papers, roller painted walls, and wall panels are among our specialties.
  • In the new normal, multi-functionality is the watchword for living spaces. With our houses serving as offices, gyms, and pop-up bars, creative storage solutions are essential.
Kids Room Interiors
  • Nothing is more fun and vibrant than a child’s room. The idea of decorating children’s rooms in a way that represents their preferences and temperament is quickly gaining on. One of the most significant considerations is a room for your children.
  • A space where your children can stay and play at their leisure, allowing them to develop their creativity and grow up to be self-sufficient. Above all, providing children with their own personal space allows them to feel present in the moment, igniting their inner productivity and allowing them to mature into responsible adults who can face the world with open arms, smiles on their faces, and positivity in their hearts.
  • Children adore the eccentricity that makes them appear cool. Every child has a vision of how their room should appear. Few people desire a creative space for their talents, and even fewer want a sports corner. Everyone, including children, has their own style and set of requirements, and you can tailor the space to their preferences.
  • Pencil Interiors will assist you in determining the ideal set-up for your children’s bedroom in order to nurture their inner artist and give their imagination wings.
Modular Wardrobe Designers
  • Your wardrobe, as well as the items in it, is a reflection of your personal style. When it comes to purchasing a new wardrobe or replacing an existing one, the design becomes the most significant consideration, as the primary function of a wardrobe is to organise space.
  • Sliding door wardrobes are not only attractive, but they also have added functionality because the doors look to glide and do not need to open externally, saving space.
  • Your wardrobe’s design reveals a lot about your own taste and style statement. For example, in order to give interiors a seemingly rhythmic flow, the style and colour of your wardrobe laminates should complement or contrast with the surrounding décor.
Modular Wardrobe Designers
Bathroom Interiors
Bathroom Interiors
  • The bathroom is the second most important room in your house because it is where you can relax and revitalise yourself, and having the proper decor makes the overall experience more pleasant and calm.
  • Pencilinteriors, based in Bangalore, are home interior designers who specialise in creating unique bathrooms with a high aesthetic value. Organic colours, vibrant spaces, unique storage solutions, small fountains, designer showers, and bubble baths are all featured in our bathroom designs and décor.
  • Their incredible selection of customizable bathroom designs gives customers a wide range of alternatives, choices, and ideas for creating a beautiful, calming, and trendy bathroom in their homes.
  • The conceptualization, planning, and implementation of a bathroom that has both atmosphere and function are the bathroom design work dynamics that they keep in mind.


We create imaginative signature interior designs at Pencilinteriors. Our team of highly-skilled professional interior designers seeks to raise the bar in modern house interior design and collaborates with the client’s personal vision of the home. We believe in the power of design and use it to create interior spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also extremely practical. In order to create the greatest interiors in Bangalore, we align key principles and dynamic use of space.


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