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Best Interior Designers In Bangalore

Best Interior Designers Bangalore

Best Interior Designers In Bangalore

by My User |June 15, 2022 | Blogs, Home Decor, Interior Designing

Designing of your homes and workspace have increasingly become a necessity in the recent years. This not only helps to organize your space but also tingle your creative cells of your brain. So, here we talk about some of the best interior designers around your city that you should definitely check out.

Top Five Interior designers In Bangalore

  1. Bonito Designers

    This is a design firm that is mostly involved in designing of residential spaces. Bonito Designers are mostly famous for simple, sleek yet aesthetic designs of interior spaces at an affordable price. The secret of their great user experience and high user satisfaction level is considered to be their ability to listen to their clients. This leads to an effective and great design that is able to stand up to their client’s expectations. Above all, they provide a guarantee to their clients regarding the use of top quality materials while designing the interiors. In Spite of their great level of service in residential designing they are still lagging behind in terms of corporate space designing. Their over concentration on residential space designing can have a negative impact on their business in the coming years. Also, if you are trying to work from home, or looking forward to turning your home into an office. Then Bonito might not be the best solution for you because of their inexperience in terms of designing an office space or a hybrid design.

  2. KariGhars

    This brand has risen to fame because of its ability to integrate 3-D technology into the home designing segment. Their introduction of 3-D visualization technology with which they are able to give their clients a 3-D demo of the real life design. All their designs have been focussed on creativity and innovation and they demand to bring out the inner creativity of the person with their designs and aesthetic colors. They have also recently entered into the segment for designing of villas and bungalows with their unique turnkey projects. They have always been focussed on creativity and that is evident from the designs that they create and the gorgeous color combination that they use. They have also entered a unique space of customizing wardrobes and other built in furniture to suit the designs appropriately. However, despite of these unique innovations this company too suffers from experience deficiency in the corporate design segment due to an over concentrated portfolio of residential designs.

  3. Wudzo

    This is another company that has been obsessed with creativity and mostly recommended by clients for their value for money service. They have been able to capture their customers and get to the ultimate level of customer satisfaction, by their careful consideration of customer requirements and curation of ideas accordingly. Their smoothness and hassle free mode of work combined with on time delivery also add to their points for customer satisfaction. They were probably the first one to introduce a completely transparent system to cut away any hidden costs that might be present in the intermediate steps. This transparency went a long way to develop a connection with their clients and establish brand loyalty among the customers. This also improved their probability to be recommended and advocated by their previous customers. Another innovative move taken by them was to provide a personalized designer to each of their clients. Unlike going for previously decided designs and telling their clients to choose from them, as followed by most of the traditional designing companies.

  4. LivSpace

    From furnishing to modular kitchen, and from wall paper to false ceiling, no matter what is your need this company has it all. They have acted as almost disruptors in this space by introducing the concept of warranty into the sector, that too of 10 years. As if that was not enough they went ahead with the introduction of EMIs into their payment systems. This improved their customer experience and satisfaction manifolds. On top of these Livspace went ahead with the introduction of over 12000 products and a solid portfolio that is expected to serve all the wide range of customers that they might be receiving on a daily basis. Their ability to deliver the decided product at the highest of quality and at an affordable price also act in their favor.

  5. PencilInteriors

    We have been operating in the interior design sector for a long time and thus we have developed a strong portfolio of diverse designs for diverse tastes. Also, we believe in uniqueness and that is the reason we are always focussed on going the extra mile to provide you with a one of its kind product. We are also focussed on providing periodic checks to our customers through expert visits, that ensures the quality of the product and that customer’s money is not wasted. Also, because of our large and diverse portfolio we can say that we have homes for every budget. This makes sure that none of the individuals are left behind because of their tight budget. Above all, we understand that you have a hectic schedule. So, Pencil Interiors we are obsessed with providing the most value in the least possible time and we value our customer’s time more than anything else.

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