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Home Interiors

Home Interiors For a New Look

by My User |December 29, 2021 |1 Comments | Blogs, Home Decor | ,

Who doesn’t love to remodel their home, making slight changes to the wall colours in the living room to the Read More

Kitchen Maintenance

Modular Kitchen Maintenance Tips | Pencilinteriors

by My User |November 8, 2021 |63 Comments | Blogs | , , , , ,

New to modular kitchens here are some tips to organize your kitchen cabinets and drawers. Simple way of Kitchen Maintenance Read More

DIY home decor

DIY Home Decor Ideas by Pencilinteriors

by My User |September 14, 2021 |0 Comments | Home Decor | , , , , , ,

Make your happy place with personalized DIY Home Décor: Simple and Stylish Home Décor Ideas for your home, creating our Read More

Wooden decors

Wooden Décor for Some Rustic Home Look

by My User |July 14, 2021 |1 Comments | Blogs, Home Decor | , , , , , ,

Historical traits and Modern furniture always go hand in hand. If you are out there looking for a rustic look Read More

Balcony Flooring

Best Trending Materials For Balcony Flooring

by My User |May 4, 2021 |0 Comments | Blogs, floorings | ,

Here we are listing some popular materials for balcony flooring that are suitable for Indian weather and can sustain for a long run for Indian heat, cold and rain.

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Home Decor Bangalore

This Years In and Out Trends in Home Decor

by My User |January 28, 2021 |7 Comments | Blogs, Interior Designing | , ,

Trying to infuse your space can be a tricky task. We all want our home to look chic, trying to stay on top of the latest home trends. Let’s check out the home decor styles that are left behind this year from color palettes to furniture, landscape designs and beyond.

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Living Room Ideas

by My User |August 12, 2020 |5 Comments | Blogs

Living room is a place where much of the time is spent with Family watching T.V and entertaining friends with cocktail parties. It’s tricky to arrange such an area to which we need clever decorating and styling ideas to make the place more space full.

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Best Home Renovation in Bangalore

by My User |August 12, 2020 |0 Comments | Blogs

Home Renovation always excites us as we will tend to see a new fresh look of the house. Each and every room in the house can be styled in a unique way. Let’s start with different phases of designing.

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Design Trends in Bangalore

Designing Trends in Bangalore

by My User |August 12, 2020 |0 Comments | Blogs

In the bustling life of a Metropolitan city, people are often more focused on their career. One such city is Bangalore, a place of destination for most of the techies who come to make their future in the IT Industry. They adapt to the fast city culture making it as their near home. The best job opportunities here in Bangalore attract the people to settle in for a beautiful house.

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Home Décor Ideas

Simple Inspired Home Décor ideas

by My User |August 12, 2020 |2 Comments | Blogs, Home Decor | , ,

Trying to remodel your home with a fresh look in 2020? They are many probabilities to change your house like a home with fresh home decor ideas by filling those empty walls with voguish centerpiece decors. We got the best ideas to reuse materials and create a unique décor that suits your space. There is something for everyone in the store whether it’s your love for nature or being a bookworm or loves to showcase your hunting skills space can be filled with your taste.

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