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DIY Home Decor Ideas by Pencilinteriors

DIY Home Decor Ideas by Pencilinteriors

DIY Home Decor Ideas by Pencilinteriors

by My User |September 14, 2021 | Home Decor

Make your happy place with personalized DIY Home Décor: Simple and Stylish Home Décor Ideas for your home, creating our own décor is rewarding Let’s check some creative ideas for your home.

Creative Ideas – Home Interior Decoration Bangalore

Monogram Pillows: Can create a personalized Pillows for Living room or bedroom by just painting on your initial, pair the monogram pillows with custom photo pillows to complete the arrangement in living area.

Metallic Pears: Try painting fruit like Pears and Apples in simple graphic pattern. This DIY is easy and perfect for any dinner table. Use metallic colors to for extra pop.

Old Mason Jar Herb Garden: Mansion jars are perfect for home garden, purchase herbs and replant in an old mason jars which fits on your windowsill.

Lace bowls and jars: Layer unused bowls, mugs and serving trays with a lace and paint it. A cotton lace right on to the surface for beautiful timeless décor.

DIY personalized photo board: Use an empty old frame to make an easy photo board with your sweet memories.

Call Pencil Interiors for your new home stylish interior decoration.

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