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Living Room Ideas


Living Room Ideas

by My User |August 12, 2020 | Blogs

Living room is a place where much of the time is spent with Family watching T.V and entertaining friends with cocktail parties. It’s tricky to arrange such an area to which we need clever decorating and styling ideas to make the place more space full.

There are certain ideas that can add life to the living room such as:

1) Green Indoors: Having a lot of plants indoor such as vertical gardening or hanging pots builds a positive vide in the atmosphere and also helps in purifying the air.

2) Platforms and Partition: Divide the space with a partition wall to add extra storage space. Placing architectural sculptures or paintings makes the place even more elegant.

1) Color and Shapes: While trying to keep the living room simple yet rustic we need to choose bold prints and patterns which open to space. Going for a walnut color on the partition wall makes the room more classic.

2) Let the light in: Natural light is always good for health and having a sliding door in the living room that leads directly to a patio area or garden is more than we can ask for.

3) Furniture: Having the right furniture in living room adds extra space without being on top of each other. We are here to make your dream home through your vision.

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