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How to renovate an old house on a low budget In Bangalore

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How to renovate an old house on a low budget In Bangalore

by My User |November 8, 2022 | Uncategorized

Every now and then, the idea of renovation pops up in the minds of homeowners. It carries them away in a whole new world of possibilities. But when it comes to its practical implementation, they usually don’t have a clue about where to start. Whether it is a fresh layer of paint or a new flooring or doing away with some old furniture. To swiftly embark upon the journey of home renovation is not everyone’s piece of cake. Nonetheless, its challenges can be overcome with clarity of ideas regarding home renovation that will empower and strengthen the spirit of a homeowner.
We here at Pencil interiors will save you from getting lost in the whole process of home renovation by providing a list of simple yet exhaustive ideas to answer your question of ‘how to renovate an old house on a low budget?’ Yes, that’s right, these ideas are certainly interesting and at the same time quite budget-friendly. It’s never too late to set your priorities right. Make a use of our curated list of low-budget ideas to renovate your old house and it whole new look.

1. Applying a fresh layer of paint

One of the best ways to renovate an old house on a low-budget is to apply a fresh coat of paint on your walls. All you’ll need to get started is first select a color which either reflects your personality or simply a classic color which looks good and gives a fresh feel. The next step is to either hire a painter or do it yourself. If choose the former then make sure to stay within a budget. In case of the latter however, a few essentials such as a brush or a roller must be purchased to start painting. Also be aware that the choice of paint greatly affects the lighting of a house. So make sure they go together and do not contrast.

2. Cleaning up the space

It costs nothing to clean up your house other than your time and dedicated efforts. One fine day, if you decide to renovate an old house on a low budget, consider cleaning up the house first. It will not only make you feel better instantly but also improve the look of your house. By cleaning, we mean deep cleaning where you get to every corner in your house. Especially for old homes, ensuring cleanliness is a great way to change the look of your house and bring in some fresh feels.

3. Do-It-Yourself work

If you’ve heard of this phrase before then you know what it means. It suggests taking up initiatives in designing new projects to redefine the furnishings and decorations in your house. It can include doing small repair works, fixing cracks in walls, leaky taps, noisy doors, etc. You may also go for creating a personal corner with posters and quotes you like to suit your aesthetic needs. It is always a good idea to be creative when choosing to renovate an old house on a low-budget.

4. Accessorizing your rooms

You can also go about adding small decorative items such as paintings, wall hanging decorative items, etc. to enhance the look of your old house. For this method, you can give yourself a chance to explore the local market in your area and find some budget buys to renovate your house.

5. Sell old items and buy new items – suiting to your aesthetic needs/ vision

This is valuable approach if you want to figure out how to renovate your old house on a low budget. Old items in the house can be sorted out and put into a place to sell off to prospective
buyers or even a waste dealer or recycler. The money derived out of this transaction can be used to purchase new items for your house.

6. Using wallpaper for decoration

Wallpapers are a great idea to renovate your home interior since they are budget friendly and can save you from the messiness of paint spillage. If you choose to buy wallpapers, think about the location and the area to buy exactly the right number of rolls that will be required. Kitchens or a specific wall in a house which you’d like to renovate can be redecorated using wallpapers.

7. Adding budget friendly plants

If you’re someone who loves nature, then this is a perfect way to renovate an old house on a low budget. All you have to do is go to the nearest nursery and buy a few plants which are not costly but would suit your home space. You can place them in a sunlit space or corner or make a separate shelf for putting together different plants.

8. Rearranging the objects in your house

You definitely don’t need to buy anything if you can work on changing the placement of various household items such as the sofa set, dining table, study table, bed etc. It is necessary to bring a change in your perspective by using the divide and conquer strategy. Use this method to make your living space more comfortable and aligned with your goal of renovation.

9. Flooring makeover

The floor is a vital element of a house. Since your house or Flat is old, you should definitely consider renovating the floors of your Flat or house. You can do it by placing a new carpet which can be purchased from a local store. Adding on different colored rugs in suitable spaces will upgrade the look of your house to a great extent. Make sure to stay in budget and not overspend on anything in the whole list of ideas.

We hope that the above list has given you all the answers you seek on how to renovate an old home on a low-budget. To learn more about how to renovate an old house on a low budget and get the best guidance with assurance, feel free to get in touch with us as Pencilinteriors the Best Interior designers In bangalore & palakkad

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