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Best Home Renovation in Bangalore


by My User |November 8, 2022 | Uncategorized

Chalk out an outline – Home Renovation

Renovation intends to retransform something which already exists. Whereas, building a new house gives you the liberty of starting right from square 1. Hence, to renovate mindfully, it is very much essential to keep a rough idea of the plan’s crux in your mind. This helps in not making blunder mistakes like creating something of the wrong measurement which doesn’t fit the original dimensions. For instance, while changing the glasses of your window frame if you estimate the size lesser than the original then it is going to create an issue. So you got to have the entire plan of the renovation on pen and paper in order to ensure a smooth transition through the renovating phase. Moving ahead without a plan puts you in such a situation that you commit endless mistakes. In fact, at some point of time you can even forget completely about the exact plan which you had in your mind while starting the renovation journey. Thus, step by step approach with a well-drawn and written elaborate plan on paper always eases the process and gives better outcome when it comes down to renovating. Be clear and specific about what exact change in structure or material you want. Also, being practical about it is vital!

Limiting the expense

After clearing the above step, do not straight away jump onto jotting down the components. First, check out the prices as well and then make a final note of those which lie within the estimated budget that you set while starting the renovation work. Since, planning without keeping in mind of the cost will land you in trouble at the end of the process. Firstly, start off by comparing the online and offline cost of the
components. Since, nowadays things at online marketing stores are cheaper than what you get from a hardware shop retailer. After the comparison, judge which components are better to buy where. Then, try to contact around 4-5 providers and enquire about them regarding your requirements. Take a call according to whichever provider commits to selling the components at the lowest cost and good quality both at the same time. Moreover, keeping aside some buffer fund is always advisable. Because at any moment during the renovation process, an unavoidable circumstance may occur where the cost may not be in your hand but you would have to spend for it. Hence, keeping in mind all these things it is necessary to take cautious call on the budget.

Set a particular period of time

First off, knowing your schedule is of utmost importance. According to your schedule only fix the renovation processes. Keep in mind of the upcoming events coming which are important or casual which will eventually help you to explore the timeline and distribute the renovation work as per your convenience. Whenever there is something crucial, keep works off on those days with regards to renovation and similarly, days when you are completely free try getting most of the work done throughout the day. In this manner, creating a rough planner will help to categorize things according to your schedule and going ahead like this step by step will structure the whole renovation process. It is advisable to not allot unnecessary period of long time to complete a piece of work where it can be achieved within a day or two. But, also count in buffer days where a work might be stopped due to various reasons like the one we experienced for the past two years – a pandemic! A lot of people had to keep their renovation work at stand by since the workers wanted to get back home worrying about financial crunch and health was first priority then.

Determine whether you can do it yourself / require an expert help

Firstly, jot down all those works that are involved in your renovation process. Later, bifurcate those tasks into 2 sections – 1) the ones that you think can be achieved using self-caliber and skill set and 2) the ones that need the involvement of experts from outside and cannot be achieved manually. The ones that can be done alone can include tasks like spray painting on old furniture, removing old bulbs or tube lights and replacing them with newer and efficient ones, and some shifting works. Apart from this, those which require expertise help include removing a thing entirely and replacing with a newer model, drilling holes to insert pins on wall, working with the wiring of any device or the whole house, plumbing works and lastly painting walls, ceilings, etc. But, it is completely wrong to take up such jobs which you do not have skill set upon and do it yourself just for the sake of saving some money. It may so happen that you
end up spending more than calling an expert initially. Hence, be brutally honest about what you know and what you don’t. For those you don’t, call in the experts for helping out.

Keep the permissions clear and transparent

While renovating you need to take permissions and keep them clearly in written format to defend any future objections coming your way. You must always be on the safer side and never try accomplishing any renovation processes in a hidden manner. Doing so can land you in great trouble as worse as staying in jail! It is to be noted that any home renovation process that you have planned to carry out must comply with the terms and conditions of the society or the land you are living in. It can be any norm under the government or even the society itself. Hence, keeping a note of these important official things are extremely necessary while carrying out things like renovation. Make sure that the things are in written and not spoken, because sometimes it might so happen that people give you permission in air but come to fight with you when the work is being actually done. At that time people demand you the written document of the memorandum which you had between yourself and the other person.

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