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Best Home Renovation in Bangalore

Best Home Renovation in Bangalore

Best Home Renovation in Bangalore

by My User |August 12, 2020 | Blogs

Home Renovation always excites us as we will tend to see a new fresh look of the house. Each and every room in the house can be styled in a unique way. Let’s start with different phases of designing.

Phases of Designing:

Requirement: Understanding the entire view of the area and its functionality

Selection of Design: Client ideas, choice of color and designs help to create a beautiful house with a healthy ambience.

Approval of Design: 3D design of the floor layout will be shown to the client for a perfect idea of the house before moving forward.

Important steps for Renovation for each Room:

Living Room Renovation: Space and colors are fundamental aspects of decorating a living room. Using light colors on the wall and dark wood flooring would balance the room atmosphere beautifully. Placing Antique furniture and items at right place changes the look and feel of the room. People who love to welcome their guest with modern touch can go for modern art painting on the wall or a colorful carpet will do wonders

Dining room Renovation: Place where not much of the time is spent in a day so, going for neutral colors, bright colors or printed wallpaper would be good. Most important thing in the dining room is the lighting fixtures, table liners and artwork on the shelves that highlight the place.

Kitchen Room Renovation: Kitchen renovation is quite challenging as we need easy accessible shelves to store food. Wood flooring is much preferred for the kitchen floor, Stainless steel sinks and plenty of daylight.

Bedroom Renovationbedroom Interiors is a bit easy than other rooms in a house as we do not tend to move the windows or doors. Two important things here are the colors used on the wall and the curtains that change the whole feel of the room. Furniture, Bed lamps and decor on the shelves help in altogether.

Kids Room renovation: This is something very challenging job because each one has their own ideas. Knowing how to design the room giving space for study, play area and storage space is quite important. Theme designed walls or bright color combination walls are something that goes very well with kid’s room.

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