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by My User |June 15, 2022 | Blogs, Interior Designing, Uncategorized

The bedroom has traditionally been the favoured location for a best wardrobe. With a little forethought, you may create a stylish wardrobe that isn’t overly large. If you live in an apartment or flat, don’t take up all of the available space by installing a wardrobe. Always keep in mind that storage and empty areas are both equally important in the grand scheme of things. In other words, you require storage just as much as you require empty areas in your home. They must complement one another.



If you live in a large villa or home, single-purpose wardrobes are a luxury. In smaller dwellings, the multi-functionality of the wardrobe must be prioritised. Your best wardrobe should be designed such that you can conveniently keep all of your items in it. It should also have ample room for accessories like as belts, ties, socks, handkerchiefs, boots, towels, and toiletries. We at Pencilinteriors take care of all of this and give you your best wardrobe.



  • DESIGN OF A WOODEN WARDROBE- For wardrobes, wood is the ideal material. On-site design and assembly of a wooden wardrobe is possible. While built-in wooden wardrobes are fantastic, wooden closets as a separate piece of furniture allow for more mobility. As a result, it may be placed in any room of your home and utilised for a variety of functions.
  • DESIGN OF AN ALUMINIUM WARDROBE- Aluminium can also be utilised to construct a lightweight wardrobe. It costs less than other materials. This silver-grey metal has its own beauty and charm, and it gives a touch of the industrial décor motif.
  • DESIGN OF A SLIDING WARDROBEA- Sliding-door wardrobe saves a lot of space. Even if space is not an issue, the sliding wardrobe has a distinct charm. Sliding doors for a wardrobe are simple to use and provide easy access to the clothes or goods stored inside.
  • MIRRORED WARDROBE DESIGN- Wardrobes with mirrors on the doors are ideal for tiny households. They make the room appear larger and provide a pleasant touch.



Because of their time-tested elegance, classic designs never go out of style and are popular choices.

  • WARDROBE DESIGN WITH A SHOE RACK BUILT IN- Purchasing a separate cabinet for footwear entails adding another piece of furniture to your home. Wardrobes with shoe storage space are popular in city residences. The footwear storage area is always built towards the bottom of the wardrobe.
  • DESIGN OF A STEEL WARDROBE- This multi-purpose steel wardrobe is ideal for tenants who must frequently relocate to new towns or homes. This wardrobe, in addition to being strong and cost-effective, provides your home an unpretentious appearance. However, because everything in this closet is on display, it must always be maintained immaculate.



If neutral colours are too boring for you, you can always add a touch of colour to your wardrobe design.

  • DESIGN OF A BLUE WARDROBE- If you don’t like the often used white or wood colours for your outfit, you might go with blue. You don’t have to be very picky with blue because it goes with virtually everything.
  • DARK COLOURS ARE USED IN WARDROBE DESIGN- Dark-coloured built-in closets offer a rich and elegant impression. Dark shades, on the other hand, will necessitate additional illumination to make all of the parts visible.



Combining dressing tables and bedroom wardrobes is not just convenient; it may be the only option for modern, small-space living. As a result, the concept of wardrobe designs incorporating dressing tables has grown in favour in recent years.


Because your master bedroom normally has more space than any other bedroom in the house, a wardrobe with a dressing table would be ideal.



If you want to install a wardrobe with a dressing table in a location other than your master bedroom, you can choose from one of the styles displayed below. Make certain that the wardrobe style you select is appropriate for the available space. Make changes to the design with Pencilinteriors based on your preferences and preferences.

  • 1ST WARDROBE DRESSING- This wardrobe with a dressing table that fits beneath the vanity mirror is a terrific space saver for those who live in small flats.
  • 2ND WARDROBE DRESSING- Open wardrobes with a simple dressing table save space and are quite practical, especially when fitting in wardrobes with dressing tables in a small space.
  • 3RD WARDROBE DRESSING- When building a closet with a dressing table in your bachelor’s pad, for example, you may choose for minimalism.
  • 4TH WARDROBE DRESSING- Because of the white colour, the wardrobe in this bedroom with its mirrored doors makes the space appear larger.
  • 5TH WARDROBE DRESSING- If a monochrome look isn’t your thing, you might make little changes to break up the monotony. Take a look at the image below, which features a beautiful bed, a great closet, and a wonderful dressing table.


Pencilinteriors is one of the top Best Wardrobe Interior Designers in Bangalore, providing a diverse range of home interior solutions at a reasonable price. We offer an energising environment for our clients that might be outfitted with decorative styles. Our specialists impart their expertise for wardrobe invention, ideal to provide the finest probable use of the space that can fit apparels and other things according to your requirements.

Pencilinteriors constantly advocates for an acceptable outfit that serves a purpose for you in the long run. Based on the size and depth of your bedroom, we provide optimum options.


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