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by My User |June 15, 2022 | Blogs, Home Decor, Interior Designing

Have you ever pondered what it takes to make a hotel, resort, or even a hospital feel alive? Interior landscapers are responsible for this. Yes! Yes, you read that correctly. Interior landscapers, not architects, provide aesthetic value to the environment.

The vitality it brings to the building’s theme and its people are the major areas to look at in order to understand how it is maintained for the long run. It takes a lot of effort and ingenuity to enhance beauty with authentic items. Clearly, the landscape does not stop at the structure’s foundation or plinth level. Its incorporation into the interior helps the area appear more welcoming and environmentally friendly.

The evolution of interior landscaping

Interior landscaping is still a small and specialised niche within the horticultural industry. Indian horticultural organisations have recently judged that the specialisation is too small to be kept as a category. As a result, at the time of publication, there is no professional trade association for interior landscapers. There is currently no globally recognised certification programme to give instruction and create standards for the indoor landscape industry. As a result, locating a competent indoor landscape designer or contractor can be difficult and time-consuming.

As a mature and specialised industry, interior landscaping has been shown to be a long-lasting and essential service for building interiors. Many organisations that focus solely on internal gardening have been around for a decade or more.

The profession of building design is still growing, thanks to a shift in architectural materials from ornamental masonry to floor-to-ceiling glass curtain walls. Plants were required in the mid-twentieth century to soften the harsh lines of boxy glass structures. The commercial buildings’ unofficial role as the unofficial home of the dutiful office was aided by the abundance of natural light. Human occupants benefit from higher-quality light, which is equally beneficial to plants, thanks to modern window glass and artificial lighting. As a result, interior landscaping in architecture and interior design remains relevant and important.


Types of Interior Landscape Designs

  • Green Gardens
    Various elements, like fireplaces, chairs, and water features, can be used to create a garden interior design. These are usually full of green flowers and plants that have been placed in well-ventilated and well-lit areas. They can be placed in a variety of settings, including courtyard gardens and inside buildings.
    By bringing a sense of the garden into the home, they help to keep the environment fresh and active. A green garden also contributes to the creation of a soothing and pleasant ambiance.
  • Vertical Gardens
    For aesthetic, environmental, and space-saving reasons, these green zones are frequently planted vertically. They’ve grown commonplace in modern landscaping since their inception as part of the green movement. They can also help a building achieve a LEED certification.
  • Waterscaping
    These green zones are commonly planted vertically for aesthetic, environmental, and space-saving reasons. Since their inception as part of the green movement, they’ve become commonplace in modern landscaping. They can also assist in obtaining LEED certification for a structure.
  • Floating Indoor Landscaping
    In India, this is a popular landscape design. A floating garden, for example, will have water, a sub-layer to house the plants, and a top layer of edible and appealing flora and fauna, all of which make up floating interior landscaping. While the beauty of water plants like lilies and lotus is enticing, fish, frogs, and turtles also make their homes in these floating gardens.
    These types of landscapes are not ideal for places with high humidity levels since they can raise the air humidity inside the house. Furthermore, their designs are not ideal for places with low natural light and can cause optical disruptions. We also have floating restaurants.
  • Stonescaping
    Stone gardens are frequently employed in Japanese landscapes to create a relaxing ambience. Pebbles and tiles make up the majority of them. The use of varied stone sizes and forms is used to achieve massing. However, it has now established itself throughout India’s major cities.
    Stonescapes can be seen in a variety of places, including courtyards, lobbies, and bedrooms. They can be used as places to unwind and meditate.


Trending Ideas for Landscaping

  • The sound of water gurgling
    Installing a little body of water will raise your landscape to a whole new level, whether you have a huge yard or simply a small pocket of space. Water’s trickling sound is soothing on any day, and you may create an ideal waterfall surrounded by ferns and fronds.
  • Rock Graden
    Create a textural element with rocks of different shapes, put together in an interesting composition. Add shrubs, flowering bushes, and ferns to and around the rocks to make them appear natural. Carve a few seats out of the rocks in a shady place so that you can spend as much time in nature as you would like.
  • An outdoor Hammock
    Do you love relaxing in the outdoors with a book on a lazy weekend? A hammock is what you need! Set it up in the shade of a tree, and get ready to sink into oblivion. Switch off from the world and relax; you can have your much-needed vacation right at home.
  • Set Up a Patio
    If you have the space, build a wooden deck that connects your home to your garden. You’ve got the perfect setting for an outdoor brunch with friends if you put out some rattan garden furniture, a swing seat, and some nice cushions.
  • Walkways must be considered
    Rather than having visitors walk on top of newly planted seedlings or trample your lawn, you should create a clearly defined walkway that matches your motif. If you want to go for a natural look, make it a meandering path with cobblestones or pebbles and grass tufts in between. Your walkways can be paved with brick or stone to fit your design sensibilities if your garden is more formal. Ensure that the width is sufficient for at least one person to traverse easily, and grow trees nearby to provide some shade.
  • Garden Seating
    You’re going to be exhausted from all of your gardening. Set up a few relaxing benches, preferably under the shade of a magnificent pergola like this one. In any location, a bench composed of wooden pallets with a wrought-iron frame looks great. Relax and put your feet up; you’ve earned it.
  • Beautiful Lighting for the Home and Garden.
    You’ll need adequate light if you want to make the most of your garden at night. Garden lights, planted low in the ground and on a pre-set timer powered by solar energy, line the paths. For a fairy-tale look, wrap a string of fairy lights around the trunk of a tree or hang rice paper lanterns from the tree’s limbs.
  • Pool for Wading
    This is how we envision a tropical paradise. Plant giant leafy palms and trees all around to create this magnificent slice of heaven in your own backyard if you have even a little section in the yard that can be screened off from curious neighbours. A wading pool doesn’t have to be extremely deep or even very large to be enjoyable, but the atmosphere it produces is.
  • Rooftop Garden
    This magnificent garden is situated on the terrace of an apartment building, which may be difficult to believe. Only appropriate waterproofing on the terrace slab is required, and you can create this little paradise of green right in the centre of the harsh downtown. Consult a horticulturist to assess the depth of the flowerbeds or pots required for root spread. Before you begin, consult a structural engineer, as some slabs may not be designed to withstand the additional weight.


Have you been inspired by our home landscaping designs and ideas? Begin with a grand plan for your garden and work your way through it in little phases. Consult the Penciliinteriors team in Bangalore and Palakkad for any planning advice.


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