Hey! Planning to buy an apartment or a villa whatever may be kitchens are the most important places in our homes and daily life. Here in this article, I am sharing some latest modular kitchen designs and types.

Nowadays India changed a lot, peoples dressing to their lifestyle everything changed. As per modern India Western outfits, luxury cars, leisure homes are trending, everything changed but one unchanged thing is still existing in our life’s that is our food it is somewhat same as full of spices, sweets, and healthy recipes, etc... Only thing changed the way we organize the kitchen, our grandmothers used different cooking utensils made with stones, copper, etc.. but nowadays we are using glass and metal in our kitchens in the same way they used “ancient Indian kitchens” and now we are using “modular kitchens” now a day’s kitchen is not only the place for cooking but it becomes one of the favorite places for everyone in the home. Let’s see the different designs available in 

Modular Kitchens

L - Shaped Modular Kitchen: These are the first choice of a homemaker because of the compact space and the beautiful look. L-Shaped Kitchens are user-friendly as in this model, it provides the perfect space for the user, cooking and washing area can be divided easily. It is easy to assemble the other accessories of the kitchen easily in this model. This model has a large space for storage. Perfect kitchen for an apartment.

Parallel Modular Kitchen: Parallel Kitchens are best for less space, these are also called gallery kitchens, in this model kitchen uses the full wall for cupboards, and even drawers and shelves across the walls. These kitchen designs also fit if someone needs a door or window to a garden area from the kitchen.

Straight Modular Kitchens: The straight kitchens are linear fashion or single walled kitchens, which contains all the things in a linear fashion. In this model, the storage cabinets are easily reachable and look organized. The different color combination of both the layers of cabinets can be made to make straight kitchens more attractive.

U-Shaped Modular Kitchens: This model is suitable for bigger apartments or villas as these model kitchens require more space. If you Want enough space in the kitchen and bit separated from living area at the same time want quick access to dining area then U Shaped Modular Kitchens are the perfect things you are looking for. It is a common choice for a joint or a big family like to have dinner together.

Island Modular Kitchen: This model can be fitted with any type mentioned above and provides a separate area for cooking and storage. Island kitchens work as temporary dining for a small family and school going children. In this model, we can use a different kind of lights. This model is best suits for villas.

A most important advantage with Modular Kitchens can be customized to any color and shape according to our home interiors.


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