All kind of budget homes will have space issues. Here now we are talking about how to paint those houses to look massive. We are going to talk about the best colors which are suitable for small houses.

  1. Navy Blue: This shadow can be your friend especially for small spaces. Deep blue like this creates the perception of depth.
  2. Peacock: Just because your house is small, doesn’t mean the colors should be limited. Bold colors are totally cool just choose a shade that is vibrant and relaxing like this peacock blue.
  3. Blush: A soft shade of pink ads vibrant look to a small space, use it with grays and blacks to make sure doesn’t feel too frilly.
  4. Straw: This shade is perfect for kids room it’s looks colorful and adds fun to their room
  5. Pearl gray: Gray color is a dull color so have to choose one which is having some luminosity to it. 

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