New to modular kitchen and don’t know where to start the kitchen cleaning. Here are tips to clean and keep your kitchen new for long run.


  1. Use nylon scrubbing pads on steel sinks as nylon don’t leave scratches
  2. Use only mild soaps or liquids to rinse the skin
  3. While cleaning use mixture of water and vinegar to keep it germ free
  4. Avoid chlorine based cleaning products
  5. As soon as cooking is done wipe spillage and remove food particals
  6. Shaving cream is a best oil stain remover
  7. Counter-tops always should be wiped with a disinfectant
  8. Use warm water to clean counter-tops
  9. Don’t scrub with sharp objects as they damage the finishing
  10. Wipe dry all utensils before keeping them back in cabinets
  11. Keep cabinets close while cooking
  12. Always mop the kitchen and counter tops don’t flood with water as it damages kitchen and cabinet doors
  13. For coffee or juice stains, use solution of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia in water. Use a toothbrush for stains between tiles
  14. Use equal parts of water and vinegar or club soda and lemon juice to keep cabinets spotless
  15. To clean outer surface of oven, mix two tablespoons of lemon juice or vinegar with two cups of water

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