If you have a big house or a small apartment, whatever it may be in any case it is very important to have usefully improved Modular Wardrobes. We will help you to choose the best wardrobes for your home to get additional space and unusual ways of storage. Before investing money in home wardrobes, measure the height of your walls and determine what kind of wardrobes you’re required as per storage requirement like with loft or without loft. Then only you will get your wardrobes as per your requirement.

Types of wardrobes:

Wardrobes in the bedroom are very important as they are the place to store clothing and accessories. They keep the space neat and clutter-free so let’s talk about the different types of bedroom wardrobes. These are the common type of wardrobes used

Hinged Modular Wardrobes: These wardrobes are ideal for any kind of bare shell space, suitable for large and small spaces. In this kind of wardrobes, we will get the entire view of the wardrobes so we can easily spot the things. These wardrobes offer better visibility of clothes and things inside. With hinged doors, we can hang the accessories like slings bags on the back of the doors. These are the most commonly used regular type of wardrobes. We can try any color or finish on these wardrobes.

Pros: These are easy to install, easy to move around and less price compares to sliding doors wardrobes.

Cons: These are most commonly used wardrobes need more space to open and close.

Modular Wardrobes with Sliding Doors: These wardrobes are suitable for small rooms as these wardrobes fix with movable doors that move horizontally along metal channels fixed at the top and bottom of the wardrobe. Sliding doors look beautiful when we have three or more doors. Sliding door wardrobes mostly use for huge storage spaces in a room. We can try any color or finish on these wardrobes.

Pros: Sliding wardrobes are space saving, looks classy and elegant needless clearness space to open and close.

Cons: These wardrobes won’t fit for all kinds and shapes of rooms. Comparatively expensive. A most important one is sometimes they won’t last for a very long time.

Modular Wardrobes with Bi-fold: Sliding folding wardrobe door or bi-fold wardrobes opens outwards towards the edge of the closet. These wardrobes are compatible. Bi-fold wardrobes can be made from a variety of materials. It also comes in different designs and colors. It provides great functionality and maximizes the wardrobe space. It is a present trending model.   

Pros: These wardrobes are one kind of space-saving wardrobes, suitable for all kinds of room and shapes.

Cons: Price of these doors are a bit costly. Not suitable for regular opening doors. 

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