1.       Most of the people use closets to hide their untidy clothes and clutter. But an organized closet will save you in the long run. Especially in busy weekday mornings. Use these simple storage ideas to keep your cupboard under control.

2.       Instead of single hangers, invest in hangers that have multiple hooks, these hangers will take the space of single hanger but you can hang multiple shirts in that place.

3.       If you are not interested to buy used can tab to hang two hangers in single space.

4.       A hanger can use in different ways it offers two spaces to hang your towels. Flip the hanger and use to hang napkins or small things at the top and hang towels to bottom hook.

5.       Store complete outfit to a single hanger with the help of cloth pins.

6.       Wooden hangers can be used in different ways fix wooden hangers to a wooden strip and now hang it on the wall. To these hooks, you can hang handbags, scarfs, and hats all together to one hook.

7.       Make DIY scarf hangers to hang all the scarfs together to a single hanger. It really saves our space and keeps our wardrobe tidy.

Use shelf dividers to keep the wardrobe tidy and clean, if you use shelf dividers it is very easy to pick up the t-shirts and tops.

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