Role of Colors in Interior Designing:

Colors play a vibrant role in Interior designing as they have power to change the look and feel of a place. Colors tell us a story within a home, such as Red; Orange and Yellow bring liveliness to a space where as cool colors like Blue, Purple and Green give us a calm and relaxed feel to our mind.

So, choosing a color might be slightly tricky. We have several different approaches to make a home look good.

1. Colors with like Temperatures: We can choose a warm or cool color with like temperatures to blend in into a beautiful combination- for example; blues and greens work well together or pairing of warm neutrals such as rich brown or a deep shade of orange will be pleasing to the eye.

2. Go Monochrome: It’s always good to use monochrome style where you could use slightly different tones of same color- for example; a pale blue with a deeper blue always works together to make the space look stunning.

3. Choose Complementary Colors: Complementary colors always attract each other when paired together. People always choose a combination of coral Blue – Green aqua colors.

4. Some different Color combinations for different Rooms:

Turquoise + Cream give a dramatic look to the living room

Rosewood + Mossy Green goes well for Master bedroom

Yellow + Grey always makes the guest feel welcoming!!

Pale Lavender + Pale Yellow goes well with dining area as it fills the atmosphere with happiness.

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