Everyone wants their home to look like a magazine piece. But always the budget stands in between the dream home and home. So here in this article we will see some inexpensive home decorating ideas. This article is talking about several small home decorating ideas that helps you to bring a stylish look to your home without spending too much. So, let’s see into budget friendly home decorating ideas.

1.   Simple an artistic wall shelf's in living and dining areas: when decorating a small house on a budget one of the easiest ways to add style to walls that look great and give some storage space are designed wall shelf. These walls shelf adds an interesting look to the walls in living and dinning areas. These shelf's we can create in different shape and look as per our interest and taste. These can be used to store books, interesting indoor plants and artistic design pieces.

2.  A partition shelf: When we are thinking about Small space or apartment storage ideas on a budget then think about the functional as well as stylish furniture like room partitions which looks stylish and in addition gives space to display home décor accessories.

3.    DIY art on walls: Don’t need an expensive art pieces to make walls look good. Instead of that buy a canvas and let the artist take over. Just bring the colors that present in the rest of the décor in the living area, once it done all you need to do is frame it and showcase it on the living area wall. It looks elegant and beautiful.

4.    Repaint old things: If the dining area require make over then simply try repainting old chairs and where ever it is possible. The change of color itself brings the new look to your dining table and the entire area.

5.   Mirrors: Mirrors are one more inexpensive idea that you can utilize in dinning, living and bedrooms or near to any vanity. Mirrors not only gives style to the area but due to reflection of the mirror the small area looks bigger than usual. If you have time you can decorate the mirrors with your own designs.

6.    Bar on the walls: If you want to create a small bar area in your home but scaring of budget then this is the perfect DIY idea for your bar. Add a wall shelf in dinning area and fix racks underneath for storing wine glasses and its ready and you have your own easy DIY bar unit with in your budget.  

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